There are so many amazing sculptures all over the world that to compile them all within one list would be nearly impossible, because it would quickly turn into a book. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take a look at the most important sculptures that have been created, however. I had to do a much abridged list, of course, and this is entirely my opinion, but here is my compilations.

  1. Florence_-_David_by_DonatelloDonatello’s Bronze David: The work was created some time in the 1440s and is known as the first unsupported standing work in a bronze cast. It was also the first freestanding nude male sculpture since the Greek and Roman times. David is holding the sword of Goliath and has Goliath’s severed head at his feet.
  2. Shaw Judson’s Savannah Bird Girl Statue: The sculptor Sylvia Shaw Judson created the piece in 1936 and it situated in Lake Forest, Illinois. The piece gained notoriety when it was shown on the cover of the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. It is a bronze statue.
  3. The Discus Thrower: The origin of the sculpture is unknown as is the sculptor. It was done sometime around 450 BC and has been copied hundreds of times over the years. The Discobolus is a bronze statue of a nude Discus Thrower.
  4. Rodin’s The Kiss: August Rodin is well-known for all of his wonderful sculptures, including The Kiss. It was sculpted in 1889. The sculpture shows an Italian woman who has fallen in love with her husband’s brother. The couple is not actually kissing in the sculpture, but they are in the process of, making it look like they were interrupted.
  5. AAEAAQAAAAAAAAX_AAAAJDViNmUxYTE0LWE0NzYtNGE4Ny04ZTc2LWJkMWQ0YjVlMmRiMwHermes and the Infant Dionysus: The ancient Greek sculpture of Hermes and the Infant Dionysus was found in 1877 in the Ruins at the Temple of Hera at Olympia. The assumed sculptor Praxiteles has been hotly debated among historians because there were no ancient replicas and for a sculptor as well-known as Praxiteles, it seems unlikely, but it is mentioned in a document in the second-century.
  6. Lady Justice: One of the best-known sculptures in the world, Lady Justice has not been attributed to a sculptor. While Lady Justice replicas adorn courthouses all over the world, the statue dates back to ancient Greece, representing the Goddess of Justice and Law.
  7. Michelangelo’s Pieta: Pieta is Michelangelo’s depiction of the Virgin Mary holding
    Jesus Christ in her arms following his death. Pieta was what put Michelangelo on the forefront of the art-scene. The sculpture is carved completely out of marble and took Michelangelo two years to complete.
  8. Rodin’s The Thinker: Rodin’s most-famous sculpture, The Thinker is also known as the Poet. It was a commission by the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in order to create an entry that made an impression. Rodin’s design and his series of sculptures were all representing Dante’s Divine Comedy with The Thinker being the representation of Dante himself thinking about his poem.
  9. 2007BM5740_michelangelo_david_plaster_castAlexandros’s Venus de Milo: The Venus de Milo was discovered by accident in 1820 in the ancient ruins of the city Milos. Only one of her arms was discovered, holding an apple, but was dismissed at first because the craftsmanship was not as smooth. They now realize that it was not as smooth because it would have been out of sight from an observer.
  10. Michelangelo’s David: The David is one of the most well-known sculptures in the world. Michelangelo created it between 1501 and 1504. He stands 17 feet tall and is made entirely of marble. He is the depiction of the Biblical hero who had defeated Goliath. It was a commission to be placed on the Florence Cathedral, but was never put there.
Successful art though will get a reaction from you. It doesn’t matter if it is pleasing to your eyes. It doesn’t matter if it is the ugliest thing that you have ever seen. The fact of the matter is that if you felt something from looking at the art, then it was successful.

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