Why is France considered the epicenter of art?

Art exists everywhere all over the world of course and always has. France is often thought of as one of the most poignant artistic locations for several reasons. To begin with, there are prehistoric cave paintings in France. Then they were the center of the artistic Renaissance. The country has been known for its liberal approach to artists as well as its open-mindedness regarding new forms of art. That is why the country has been able to produce so much art over the centuries. And do not forget that they have a large amount of very important and famous museums as well.

What is the best museum in the world?

There are number of great museums all over the world, but the most impressive and famous museum is Paris’s Louvre. The Louvre was originally a French castle before the royal family moved over to Versailles. The immense size combined with the intense collection of art makes the Louvre the best museum in the world and certainly not one to miss. Famous works inside include the Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa.

Who is the best sculptor in history?

This is entirely up to opinion since art affects everyone completely differently. If I had to pick one, however, I would say that the best sculptor in the world was Michelangelo. His works have left an impression on the art work that is still making an impact 600 years later. That is nothing to scoff at. And think about the fact that the David stands 17 feet tall and is all marble. That is huge and incredible.

Why do so many artists flock to France?

Because France has a reputation for being an open place for artists, artists from other countries have venture there to explore their art further. Explorative art has not been widely accepted in all countries. That has improved in recent years of course, but for the past couple of centuries, foreign artists would go to France to be able to freely practice their art without worry. This includes the greats like Pablo Picasso.

Is sculpting a hard art to take up?

I think all art requires a skill level on some level in order to pull off. Look at the works of Pablo Picasso for example. His early works were pristine and wonderful. But then he branched off into explorative art, having mastered the basics. The same applies to sculptures. You will need to learn to carve stone first or create casts before you can really work on your art. I recommend taking classes if you can or at least looking into books. I’m sure there are also YouTube videos out there.

Can I take pictures of art with my smartphone?

Of course you can use your smartphone to take pictures of art. But if you are wanting to take a picture that is more detailed and impressive, or shapes the art in a new way, you should look into a DSLR camera.