I you have been noticing all of the art class slashing that have been happening over the past decade as the education system goes into crisis, then you will begin to think that perhaps all of those art programs were not necessary. When you are comparing math to art, you may be thinking, math is clearly the better choice. Now I do not want to get into the fact that there should not have to be such choices when looking at education, but it should be pretty clear that there are deeper issues than art within the education system.

img_5973-african-child-portrait-wonderingBut really, art is not any less important than mathematics. You cannot tell me that algebra has been helping you in your daily life any more than art would have. Are you using quadratic equations at work? Most people are not. So in that case, the argument that math is more important is invalid. The basics of math of course are incredibly useful, as are the basics of art. I am referring to understand the differences that come in color that you learn about in fourth grade, which is also the math level that you are probably most likely to use in your daily life. But if you need it broken down for you, here are the important facts as to why art programs are important to education systems.

  • Art teaches you about judgment. Art does not have a clear answer like math or science do. Art is about qualitative relationships and the answer to how art should be done is not based on any solid rule.
  • Art is fluid with solutions. Art teaches children that there is always more than one possible answer to a question. You do not have to perform art in one specific capacity and the fact that a child can answer an artistic question in more than one way will allow them to think outside of the box.
  • Art expresses cognitive ability. Human cognitive ability is limited by language and words. Art allows people to demonstrate their cognitive ability through color and design rather than through words and actions.
  • .without ruining the bigger picture of the art. This allows children to show an entire story without ever saying a word.
  • wonderingArt allows you to think on a bigger level. You need to use the materials provided in order to complete the task of creating art. You have to take something that isn’t anything and turn it into something completely new and meaningful.
  • Art is about the individual. There is no way to have too many unique art ideas. Art is completely about the individual. That means that you are able to express your point of view or your interpretation of things yourself and not be wrong. No one can tell you that your art is wrong.
  • Art teaches emotions. You will not receive an education like art anywhere else in the world of academia. Art is teaching you that your feelings are valid and giving you a positive outlet to ecpress them. Since art cannot be wrong, that also means that your feelings cannot be wrong. Children, as well as adults, need to know that there is nothing wrong with the way they feel. Sometimes feelings cannot be expressed well through words, but art provides a new avenue to express them in a safe and constructive way.
  • Art improves other subjects. Art and music tap into different areas of the brain that are not touched by other subjects. This enhances your overall mental ability as well as improving how well you perform at other subjects. And the fact that it can provide a type of harmony also means it can improve the quality of your life.
Successful art though will get a reaction from you. It doesn’t matter if it is pleasing to your eyes. It doesn’t matter if it is the ugliest thing that you have ever seen. The fact of the matter is that if you felt something from looking at the art, then it was successful.

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